## 15 years of solid experience in U.S. immigration law.

Many hundreds of clients successfully served. (possibly more!) ##


Why Should YOU even hire a Lawyer???

As an experienced immigration attorney (with a prestigious AV-Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and a 10/10 Superb-Rating from Avvo.com), I assist many clients with living, working and conducting business, or studying in the United States, helping each client make the United States their new home, either temporarily or permanently. From time-limited Visas, to permanent residence (“Greencard”), to U.S. Citizenship, whatever YOUR path in the United States may be.  [Download my Bio as a PDF]


  • PREPARATION — Getting the desired result in YOUR immigration case (=APPROVAL!) requires far more than “just completing the forms“.  Completing the correct forms in the proper way, in a way most advantageous without lying to the Government, is critical to any case, yes. BUT it is also essential to identify any potential legal issues and complications as soon as possible, and to know, based on experience, how to deal with those, and understand to what extent any problems or complications may impact or hurt your case.
  • LEGAL ANALYSIS — As YOUR experienced immigration attorney, I will fully analyze your case and your circumstances to determine all the legally available (and plausible) solutions we may have. I also use my skills and experience to help “foresee” possible pitfalls or dangers, including weaknesses in your case (or documentation).
  • REPRESENTATION — As YOUR attorney, I also guide you through the entire legal process, start-to-finish, seeing your case through the appropriate U.S. government agency, handling any correspondence, helping avoid delays, minimize mistakes, and help resolve any issues as they come up.


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I handle these types of cases: (incl. related renewals and extensions)

  • Temporary Work Visas

  • Employment-based Greencards

  • Investment-based or Business-based Greencards

  • Family- or Marriage-based Greencards(incl. same-sex couples)

  • U.S. Citizenship

  • Battered Spouse / Child Petitions (VAWA)

  • Greencard by Lottery

  • Student Visas

  • Visitor Visas

  • Deferred Action Cases

  • Waivers

  • and other immigration benefits.

The majority of “typical” clients are:

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,

  • Investors,

  • Managers / Executives,

  • Scientists / Researchers,

  • Academics,

  • Degreed / Licensed Professionals,

  • Specialized workers, Artisans, Craftsmen,

  • Inventors and Innovators,

  • Religious workers, Ministers, Pastors, Clergy,

  • Artists, Painters, Sculptors,

  • Musical Performers, and

  • Athletes (Professional, or Semi-professional)

I also frequently represent and assist:

  • Visitors and Tourists to the United States,

  • Academic students,

  • Interns, Trainees, Exchange Visitors,

  • Lawful Permanent Residents (Greencard-holders) who wish to become U.S. Citizens.

  • Lawful Permanent Residents and/or U.S. Citizens who wish to sponsor family members, such as spouse, child/-ren, parent or sibling for legal immigration into the United States.


I also offer series of other services.   Please inquire by contacting me.


Reasonable, Fair Fees: 

As a matter of personal policy in my firm, I offer discounted legal fees to non-profit organizations. On some occasions, I also reserve the right to perform some of my services on a “pro bono” basis.  My fees are fair and reasonable, considering the complexity of your case, and a fair estimate of the work involved, based on my decade and a half of experience in the field.


Substantial Experience and Recognition in U.S. Immigration Law:

A member of both the Florida Bar and of AILA, I have been practicing U.S. immigration law almost exclusively for nearly 15 years, having successfully served many hundreds of clients worldwide.  [read more about my experience]  I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise on matters of U.S. immigration law, visa policy, business law and business practices, and issues surrounding business consulting. Aside from my direct work on behalf of clients, I enjoy writing about all matters of U.S. immigration law, in my Blog, and on various online social media outlets, including my books on Amazon. In addition, I frequently write and publish some of my works in German.

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